For a perfect smoky jollof rice or to get the best stew consistency, your pepper mix ratio has to follow the rules and ratio ill be sharing on this blog. I see a lot of people making jolly rice with a lot fresh tomatoes or just tomato paste, and you keep wondering why you’re not getting that bad ass jollof? Any ways I’m here to the rescue , lets get you started.

Your pepper to tomato should follow this ;

  • Fresh tomatoes 20 %
  • Tatashe and atarodo 50%
  • 10% atarodo (habanero pepper or scotch bonnet)
  • Onions 10%
  • Garlic 5%
  • Ginger 5%. 

Now let me explain let’s say you have 10 items all together ;

20% tomatoes = 2 tomatoes ;

60 % tatashe (bell peppers) = 5 bell peppers( tatashe) and 1 cup atarodo

5% garlic= half bulb of garlic

5% ginger = 1/2 tuber of garlic

10% onions = 1 big bulb of onions

Incase you’re not a fan of ginger replace the ginger with half bulb of onions.

The reason for more peppers is because the tatashe gives your stew and jollof rice that very vibrant red colour, tomatoes has a lesser vibrant red colour.


  • First of all we will be roasting our tomatoes, tatashe, atarodo, onions, ginger and garlic in a nonstick pan, oven or air fryer.
  • In a pan roast for 20-25 minutes, in air fryer for 25 minutes and in an oven for 25 minutes.
  • After roasting, blend to give you the perfect pepper mix (do not add water). 

Roasting your peppers and tomatoes adds a very lush and rich flavour to your pepper mix.It also helps to evaporate excess water from your tomato. This tip is one  you should definitely try out.

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