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Sell more this year, take advantage of our product/store listing package to reach your target audience. This is available to all agro, food and drink related businesses.

We will start promotions that will drive the right customers to your product listing page every day for quality results and return on investment.


Let’s help you sell more by targeting the right customers to buy your product.

You can view our STORE to see existing product listings.

Our packages are below (PER PRODUCT LISTING)

Level 0: ₦5,000 per week ( Listing without promotion – store visitors only).

Level 1: ₦10,000 per week (100-200 customers daily from promotion)

Level 2: ₦20,000 per week (200 – 400 customers daily from promotion)

Level 3: ₦30,000 per week (400 – 600 customers daily from promotion)

Level 4: ₦40,000 per week (600 – 800 customers daily from promotion)

Level 5: ₦50,000 per week (800 – 1000 customers daily from promotion).


If you are interested, use the contact form below to reach out.

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