Steps in cleaning your fridge

To clean your fridge, follow these steps:

1. Prepare: Gather cleaning supplies such as a soft cloth or sponge, mild detergent or dish soap, baking soda, water, and a clean towel.

2. Empty the fridge: Start by removing all the food items from the refrigerator. Place perishable items in a cooler with ice packs to keep them fresh while you clean.

3. Discard expired or spoiled food: Check each item for expiration dates or signs of spoilage. Dispose of any food that has passed its expiration date or shows signs of mold or spoilage.

4. Remove shelves, drawers, and removable parts: Take out the shelves, drawers, and any other removable parts from the fridge. Place them in the sink to soak in warm, soapy water.

5. Clean the interior: Mix a small amount of mild detergent or dish soap with warm water in a basin or bucket. Dip a cloth or sponge into the soapy water and wipe down the interior surfaces of the fridge, including the walls, shelves, and door. Pay special attention to any spills or stains. For tough stains or odors, create a paste of baking soda and water, apply it to the affected areas, and let it sit for a few minutes before scrubbing.

6. Clean the shelves and drawers: While the shelves and drawers are soaking in warm, soapy water, use a cloth or sponge to clean them. Scrub away any spills or residue. Rinse them thoroughly and dry them before placing them back into the fridge.

7. Clean the door gaskets: Wipe the door gaskets with a damp cloth to remove any dirt or grime. Ensure the gaskets are dry before closing the door.

8. Clean the exterior: Use a cloth or sponge to clean the exterior surfaces of the fridge, including the door, handles, and control panel. Wipe away any fingerprints, spills, or stains. Dry the exterior with a clean towel.

9. Replace food items: Once the interior and exterior of the fridge are clean and dry, return the food items to the refrigerator. Organize them neatly and check for any expired items as you restock.

10. Regular maintenance: To keep your fridge clean and fresh, perform regular maintenance tasks such as wiping spills immediately, checking for expired food regularly, and periodically cleaning the shelves and interior surfaces.

Remember to unplug the refrigerator or switch it to the “off” position before cleaning and to follow any specific cleaning instructions provided by the manufacturer in your fridge’s manual.

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